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Here's How It Works

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These 5-Steps are all it takes to double or even triple the number of tours you do, increase your booked weddings, all while reducing your labor costs and increasing your profit per booked wedding...

For a very limited number of venues in each market. Schedule a discovery call and find out if your venue qualifies for this extremely profitable service.

5-Steps To More Weddings

1. Multi-Channel Advertising

Our advanced multi-channel advertising approach drives inquiries and awareness for your venue.

Tested through over $4M in ad spend with over 160 venues in 11 countries, we have the right advertising strategies to acquire leads (inquiries) like clockwork.

With access to real-time data from hundreds of campaigns, your results begin here.

2. Proven Engaged Inquiry System

Generating inquiries only matters if they engage in a conversation with you.

Our communication strategy initiates a conversation and builds rapport with the couple while encouraging them to schedule a tour.

After booking over 19,000 weddings and generating hundreds of thousands of inquiries, we've mastered the system to get couples connected with you.

3. Scheduled Tours

The goal of communicating with inquiries is to get them scheduled for a tour. Now we get them to show up.

Once we have them scheduled for a tour, our reminder campaigns deliver communication using text message and email both, ensuring they show up to meet you.

A tour scheduled is only valuable if they show up and view your venue.

4. After The Tour Follow-up

This is where most venues drop the ball and we pick it up, it's one of the most important areas of sales.

After a tour 95% of couples say they need to "think about it, talk to dad, see another venue," you know the drill. They don't make a decision on the spot - most of the time. We call them "undecided."

These couples are then delivered a follow-up campaign reminding them why your venue is the best venue for their wedding. We encourage them to ask questions and pull them back into decision-making mode and choose you for their wedding.

5. Book More Weddings & More Profit

More inquiries, more scheduled tours, creates more booked weddings...

And when you eliminate the labor costs of nurturing those initial inquiries, chasing down brides to try and get them scheduled for a tour, you'll make more profit per booked wedding than ever before.

The average venue will spend $27,000 per year in labor just chasing brides trying to book tours. We eliminate that completely.

If you want to hear why we have such high success scheduling tours, click here to see the video.

"The WBS program has done two major things from the very start. First, I get so many more inquiries than all of my competitors and we create a large number of sales opportunities from them. Second, every inquiry is responded to automatically and I only have to speak with those who are ready to schedule tours. It's amazing and I'm booking more weddings than ever before."

Amy Green


"We doubled our business in 14 months and now do 116 multi-day weddings each year. The ad campaigns bring in more leads and the follow-up system freed our time and we book more weddings than anyone in our market. We are now the most in-demand venue in Northern California. We even decided to make Joe an official partner in our venue."

Monica Nickel


Still Have Some Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

Will this work in my venue?

The Wedding Booking System has been the most ROI positive solution for venues all over the world. From barns in small rural towns, to wineries in Tuscany or California, to rustic mountain lodges with little access, into metropolitan hotels and event centers, and of course large family estates all over the UK and parts of Europe. It works for all venue types, in all geo locations.

How do I get charged?

We only charge for tours that show up to your venue (or video tours if you choose). Each week we collect our reporting on the tours that we've scheduled and charge you Wednesday for the previous week's results.

Are there any long term contracts for services?

No, we do not lock you into long term contracts. All we require is you give your VA an honest opportunity to work hard for you, just as you would a local hire. We ask for a minimum of 90 days and then it's month-to-month thereafter.

What advertising mediums do you provide?

We continuously evaluate many different digital advertising strategies for effectiveness, cost, and alignment with the goals of our venue clients. To date, we invest 95% of our advertising efforts into Facebook and Instagram as the results continue to prove to be the most effective and ROI positive. The remaining 5% we use for testing across other mediums.

You will really book my tours for me?

Yes, we focus on using effective advertising along with our proven follow-up system to build rapport, drive interest, filter for qualifying factors (such as budget) and schedule the tour for you. We also have an effective reminder process to ensure they show up and visit your venue.

What if we forget to mark them correctly in the system?

It's really important that you do mark them correctly in the system as there will be a follow-up campaign delivered shortly after their scheduled tour time asking them to reschedule for a new tour. We don't want prospects that are considering booking a wedding to get an incorrect communication, so it is your responsibility to accurately document their results. It's also important as it sets up the next step in the campaigns.


The Secrets Of The Top 1% Of Venues In The World...

By using these 4 Secrets, your bookings will sky-rocket and the relationships with your clients will be stronger than you can imagine.

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